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Lazy Dairy Free Cheesecake


This recipe is simple. I mean so simple that I actually had trouble writing down anything detailed about it. Still you get the idea, and I’m sure once you put in the 15minutes of prep it takes you’ll love it as a fall back recipe as much as I do.

1 pack choc ripple biscuits
25-50g nuttlex
1-2 tubs of toffuti
1-2 packs of frozen berries
sugar to taste (probably 50g)
grind up choc ripple biscuits
melt nuttlex
combine biscuit crumble and nuttlex into a sticky mess. place in bottom of lined tin. Press firmly. Bake for 10-15min @ 180C.
Melt berries with sugar and some water.
Mash berries in with toffuti. Sometime soymilk can help, but isn’t necessary.
place on top of base. put in fridge until hungry.
Actually it is such an easy recipe I haven’t bother with grammar. Ooops.